A new space to new ideas

The main mission and purpose of Green Spirit Events is to develop and promote an eco-conscious lifestyle through the creation of environmentally friendly events with a reduced ecological footprint, and by using an innovative and differentiating communication style and mindset.

Our Green Spirit Talks thus emerge as open spaces created to encourage dialogue as well as the exchange of expertise and diversified know-how within the scope of economic and environmental sustainability.

In our first event – Green Spirit Talks: Organic Agriculture & Circular Economy, we will have an eclectic panel of speakers along with certified organic producers who will bring a delicious surprise and give their insight into eco-friendly tourism alternatives from our Algarve.


Save the date – June 25th – and get your ticket below.

Meet our Partners

Social Responsibility

By attending this event, you will also be helping VIDA, an institution that tries to improve daily life in African rural areas by their long-term efforts to fulfill the basic needs of the local population (like access to water, health, food and education), in order to develop sustainable strategies and inner societal and cultural change towards a more prosperous and autonomous future.