Mission, Vision and Values

The seed was planted in the Algarve, where the idea of creating an eco-friendly company based on the main principles of environmental sustainability and circular economy grew. These main principles would be applied to the field of event creation and management on a daily basis.
A few years later, Green Spirit Events stands out as one of the pioneers in Portugal regarding the implementation of the concept of sustainable luxury in the country, thus offering a distinctive range of events that are unique and notably defined by the careful application of the principles it advocates, throughout every phase of implementation.

Our main goal is to enhance the enormous value of the environmental, social and economic aspects of the region where we operate. It is also our mission to inform and transform mentalities, establishing, therefore, our contribution towards the creation of an environmentally friendly future.
We also put our vision into practice through the creation and dissemination of training programs in the areas of environmental management, natural resources and sustainable economy, as well as activities and events that aim to promote an ever growing range of high-quality organic products, hence providing a national and international support and marketing platform for small local producers of luxury food products.

With Green Spirit Events , Luxury and Glamour are always synonymous with Sustainability and Ecology